Support and Get closer relationship with your children

Having children is a joy in your life. Every day you may be surprised due to your children’s achievement. They are very enthusiast to go to school and when they come home, they cannot wait longer to tell you everything happens at school. As a parent, no matter how busy you are, you should be very enthusiast also in the morning in supporting your children. Listen well to their story and spend your time to accompany them reviewing the lesson and doing the homework. Your active interest in your children’s education can be the super way to make you have closer relationship with them. You are supposed to create nice environment for them to study at night. When they come home, look at their face and you may ask them how the school was before they tell you. This means a lot for your children.

You need to maximize your effort to make sure that your children get good education. If one of them gets poor performance at school, do not directly judge him negatively. You have to know the sources or roots of the problems. Sometimes children will get good performance and another time they do not comprehend the chapter well, so they get bad scores. You do not have to worry too much. If it is necessary, you may go to school and talk to the teachers and principal to get more information. Besides having interest on their education, you are recommended to be interested in their hobbies. For example, one of your children likes soccer and another likes swimming. They will be enthusiast in telling you how great the game was and how fresh the feeling after swimming is. Listen carefully and give positive response.

Again, no matter how busy you are, you have to make sure that you attend their soccer game or play. When your child scores goal, he will automatically try to find your face among the spectators. Be a good spectator and support him maximally although perhaps you do not really like soccer. Your support makes your child happier and more enthusiasts. You should also support your another child who likes swimming. It is your big mistake when you give more attention to one child only. Make sure you give the same support and surely, this simple activity will make you get closer with your children.