Should your children do household chores?

Every parent knows that children like playing. Yes, it is true. Under five years old children should spend the day by playing the educative games. This is the way they explore the world and get the knowledge. Playing with others also increase their social competence since they communicate and try to work together. Children between six until twelve years old also like playing but they also have another responsibility related to the activities at school. They have to study, do homework, read books, review the lesson, and others. This fact makes a lot of parents think that these children should not do household chores. They are already tired because of the school activities and responsibilities. These parents believe that household chores are parents’ responsibilities and the children have to study hard.

Well, it is good point of view so that the children are expected to start having good performance at school as early as possible. On the contrary, there are also a lot of parents who think that children should be accustomed to do simple household chores as early as possible. This is also done to teach these children the meaning of responsibility. For example, they can help to take the garbage out, put the dirty clothes in special basket, clean the toys, and clean up the room. These are very simple and children under ten years old surely can do them well. If parents keep doing all household chores and forbid the children to do even the simple ones, it can be concluded that these parents are spoiling the children.

What about you? You may choose the second option if you want to teach your children about the leadership and responsibility. During weekend they may help you in preparing special meals and washing the dishes. If you have teenagers at home, they will be able to do the laundry and clean the room very well. These activities do not need long time and will not disturb the school responsibilities. Ask your children to help you water the flowers, sweep the floor, and tidy the living room. You may create schedule to remind them about the chores to do. As long as the chores do not spend longer time and make your children feel exhausted, it is not a big problem.