parenting tasks should not be delegated

If there is a job which cannot be delegated to other persons, it must be parenting the children. Yes, it is you as the parents who are responsible in raising, educating and parenting the children fully. Indeed, there are lots of families which delegate the parenting job to the other persons such as nanny, babysitter, and grandparents, but the result will not be the same. The bond between parents and children usually is not too tight and it can lead problem in the future. If the parents are sick or in a certain condition that cannot parents the children, this task can be replaced with other persons. However, if you are healthy and not too busy with the business, there is no strong reason to hire a nanny for your child.

Even if you are working, you have to spend enough time for your child. Actually there is no exact time you have to spend with your child. But at least, you have to do some activities with her, such as having dinner, helping her with the homework, shopping, going to the grocery, attending her event, and many more. Although you can delegate the parenting task to other person, you are the one who are responsible in the success or failure of the parenting tasks, simply because you are her parents. If she becomes spoiled girl, it is your obligation to make her as the nice and smart girl.

Commonly, working parent will buy many things for the child. It is done as the way to make the child feel comfortable and parent is guilty for not being able to be beside the child all the time. You may do this but make sure there is clear limitation between spoiling and providing her needs. Also, you have to be in same path with your couple. You cannot decide something without discussing first; again it is the part of your responsibility as parent. Being parent should make you in the happiness and you have to remember that good parenting methods you are applying now is the investment that will come back many years later to reward you bountifully.