basic points in parenting

No one will deny that being a parent is a tough and full time job ever. The process is started when the baby has not been born until the unlimited time. Although your child will leave you when she is going to college, still you are her parent who continuously thinks about her. The job as a parent does not come easy and you will find some difficulties in raising and parenting your child. The important thing you have to believe is you can do this job. You are the best person chosen to raise a child. If you have strong self confidence, you are going to do all the challenges in raising your child. Making mistake is fine as long as you turn your direction quickly to fix the mistake. These are the basic points of parenting.

Another point to have is adaptation. Your child physical, emotional, and mental will grow step by step. In each step, you are going to face different things and adapt to the changes. For example, once your child is able to walk, she will always want to go somewhere she never goes before. She may want to go to laundry room, garden, garage, and other places as the part of her exploration to the new world. In this case, the adaptation you have to do is making sure that each room is safe for her. Keep anything dangerous away or you may put them all in the cabinet. You have to keep your eyes on her anytime because she probably does something unpredictably.

Never complaining about your child is the next basic point of parenting. Two years old child likes to say and ask everything she does not know yet. So, you have to be ready in answering her questions again and again. She perhaps asks you the same thing and you have to provide the same answer. You are not allowed to complain about this because your child is in the process of learning. You are supposed to be proud of her because she has developed her language competence well and want to practice with you. Or, she may ask you to show the same objects again and again. No worry about this because she is trying to remember and memorize it correctly. Once you complain, you make your child become confuse and she may lose her self confidence.