Our Story

A voice cries out in the wilderness…”

Nearly 15 years ago the Archdiocesan Human Rights Office board was dismantled in an attempt to silence it. But we refused to be silenced. Catholic Action Network rose from those ashes.

A small group continued their work with little more than passion for justice and what time they could find in already busy lives. With no staff, no budget, no office, they became the independent voice for Catholic social justice in our church and our community — a legacy of justice which continues today.

With women we call for full participation of all the baptized in all the ministries of the church by leading public vigils, collaborating with Women’s Ordination Conference and Roman Catholic WomenPriests to promote the ordination of women, and creating Women Led Prayer.

With our LBGTQ brothers and sisters we clamor to foster an open and affirming church and community by creating the Catholic Open and Affirming Education Program for parishes and marching in the annual Pride celebration under the banner of Welcoming Catholic Communities.

With those afflicted by war, we cry out in prayer for peace joining with Instead of War Coalition to organize a weekly peace vigil since September 11, 2001.

With those enduring poverty and racism, we shout for justice through a coalition to end mass incarceration, by promoting JustFaith, and supporting labor struggles.

With our women religious sisters we invited hundreds to stand in solidarity and prayer as they discerned how to speak the truth in love in response to the Vatican’s censure.

We have invited local and national Catholic voices to speak for justice to our community including Jeanine Grammick, SSND, Richard McBrien, Rosemary Radford Reuther, Bishop Patricia Fresen, RCWP, Simone Campbell, SSS and the Catholic Monologues Project.

What would our church and community look like without all of these voices making a noise for justice over the past 15 years?

What would it have been like without your voice? We need your voice and support now more than ever.  Explore our website to learn about our current programs, future goals, and how you can get involved with your time, talent, and financial support!